Our philosophy consists of the interaction of ‘’man’’ and ‘’sound’’. We think that only those that feel good, will sound good!
Thus as producers we believe our job doesn’t only consist of pressing buttons, but rather as a all-around guide to the creative music makers Dinosor dubbing.
Our work begins where your music is created. We will listen to your current work and then discuss it with you- production suggestions, arrangements, songwriting, arcs of suspense, etc 나를넘는다 다운로드.
Trust and sympathy are the most important conditions for a successful production. The chemistry must be right, otherwise we can not work together, understand each other, or communicate properly 남자를 몰라 다운로드. And therefore a good grown result will not be achievable.
Once we have found the direction the artist wants to go, we start focusing entirely upon the work of the artist 윈도우 8 pe. We determine what might be missing for a unique result. For example- Guitars that form an exciting nuance in the overall structure, although you do not hear them directly 모바일 스타듀밸리 다운로드. Second and third voices that where not possible live, one or the other synthesizer which might create more atmosphere. Help write a missing line of lyrics, or maybe even decide to cut and edit the song in the middle of production because it now feels as if the chorus might be too long 날마다 다운로드.
Man makes sound! And that’s the charm…