Nils VölckerNils Völcker

When he was seven years old Nils Völcker developed an interest in Instruments Apink remember. By the time he was thirteen he experimented with his first home recordings (back then with Atari and 8-track analog machines). He toured for several years as a technical manager and mixer with bands in Germany and the rest of Europe 이력서 양식 무료. After receiving several requests by bands, he became active as a producer. Despite the lack of recording space, through signature sound with simple means, he quickly made a name for himself 7080 노래 무료 다운로드. In June 2013 Nils opened the doors to Access All Areas Studios.

With his passion for noticing the subtle moments, the perfect take and the nuances of the production process, he not only focuses on creating a full and perfect sound, but helps the artist access new depths and unleash their potential Cooking Mama.

Band and Vocal Coach.
Piano, Guitar, Bass, Keyboard, Percussion, Drums and Vocals.

Independent producer since 2006.
Sought after live mixer in clubs throughout Germany 된장 2010.

Composer, songwriter and lyricist.

Short Biography:
(2005-2007) On Tour as a monitor mixer and technical director with ‘Regicide’ and others like: Schandmaul and Uriah Heep 러브캐처 8회. Traveling through Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Belgium at M’era Luna, Wacken, Deichbrand, Castle Rock, Rockhard etc.

(2002-2008) Engineer (FOH) at/in: Artist Vocal Music Revue, Meisenfrei, Tower, Tivoli, City Hall Verden, various city festivals, Adel Entertainment autoroute.

(2003-2005) Conductor and pianist in the musical ensemble ‘’Flames & Diamonds’’ under the artistic direction of Anja Adel.

(1992) Traning on bass with Franz Powalla

(1991) Vocal training with Roswitha Rosigkeit

(1989) Training on guitar with Franz Powalla

(1983) Traning on piano with Ewald Stoever

Conception as well as practical conversion:
Single artist support, audiobooks, musical background (film/TV), advertising spots (radio/TV) Free download of moving wallpapers.
To grasp mood, Ideas and wishes; and interpret visions, pictures and thoughts into a sound concept, which will be transferred with great detail, so that the desired message and the emotional content are being transported beyond contemplation Gta5 computer. To support thereby either the pictures inconspicuously or to create over the sound new emotions, which are then linked unconsciously by the viewer and listener 티맵 지도.

Gentility – Rock

Jules Pfaar – Pop
Vocals: Jules Pfaar, Lyrics: Jules Pfaar, Composition: Jules Pfaar, Nils Völcker, Arrangement: Nils Völcker, Orchestra Programming: Nils Völcker, Piano, Guitar & Bass: Nils Völcker, Drum-Programming: Nils Völcker, Mix & Master: Nils Völcker

Claudia Geerken – Pop
Gesang: Claudia Geerken, Arrangement: Nils Völcker, Instrumente & Programmierung: Nils Völcker, Zusätzl. Schlagzeug: Daniel Martens, Mix: Nils Völcker, Mastering: Matthias Adloff

Gesang: Claudia Geerken, Arrangement: Nils Völcker, Instrumente & Programmierung: Nils Völcker & Matthias Adloff, Mix: Nils Völcker, Mastering: Matthias Adloff

Komposition: Bad Intention, Arrangement: Nils Völcker, Programmierung & Instrumente Nils Völcker, Mix & Master Nils Völcker